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With a full-bodied sound characterized by catchy hooks, dynamic pop-rock sensibility, intricate guitar work, and being one of the first bands in the last decade to feature an electric cello, indie-rock group Letter to Elise is proving itself to be one of the hottest new acts coming out of the Western New York area.

Drawing inspiration from influences such as Cage the Elephant, Catfish and the Bottlemen, and the Killers, Letter to Elise provides a sound that is both familiar and unique. Commanding the stage is their frontman, Elliott Hunt, whose charisma channels the spirit of icons like Harry Styles, captivating audiences with each move.

Started as a COVID-19 side project by Hunt, Letter to Elise initially served as a platform for him to record musical ideas he had kept to himself for several years. After recording and releasing the music, a band was put together to play a one-off Halloween show, only to then disappear from the public swiftly thereafter - that is until Elliott and guitarist Jon Gordner met when playing together at a session gig, and the desire to pursue the project came back with a burning passion.


Hence, in 2023, after a 3-year hiatus, Letter to Elise returned as a fully formed 4-piece band and began to make huge rumblings in the Buffalo music scene, including performing on the main stage of the 2023 Music is Art Music Festival and being voted ‘Best New Band’ at the 2023 All WNY Awards. Their debut single Day Drinking was also voted ‘Best Local Song’.

However, as fate would have it, another big moment for Letter to Elise was to come. In early 2024, the band added electric cellist Alex Cousins, bassist Benny MacFadyen, and keyboardist Chris Lillis. Solidifying the 6-piece’s lineup as


Elliott Hunt (rhythm guitar/lead vocals)

Jon Gordner (lead guitar)

Marcus Ryan (drums)

Chris Lillis (keyboard/backup vocals)

Benny MacFadyen (bass/backup vocals)

and Alex Cousins (cello)

From the softest of ballads to head-banging rock anthems to performing fully unplugged and acoustic, Letter to Elise is a powerhouse of a band that continues to explore the depths of the human experience through their diverse artistic output.

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